I move fast and assertively.

Stand up,


And pump again.

Glide forward, accelerate.

My eyes glance ahead, then dart up in search of a signal.

Where should they look next?

Can I continue ahead?

Right or left, or left then right?

Yes, yes to all of the above.

Sometimes I roll the dice, allowing my body to propel forward informed only by muscle memory and observations, but also propelled by assumptions and gambles, quick decisions made blindly.

I turn my head sharply left so my eyes can quickly glance over my shoulder.

That quick check is the confirmation I need to turn left.

My shoulders pivot and l turn.

I have yet to mention my ears, but they too are hard at work.

Though music may be blaring, they never stop paying attention.

They’re critical for my survival.

It’s a mine field out there.

Obstacles are everywhere.

Some come out of nowhere, while others are predictable — that is if you have the experience and foresight.

Most think that it’s your legs that get you to where you need to go, however it’s mostly your mind that does the work.



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Kevin Costa

Kevin Costa


International Relations major -> business professional -> Peace Corps -> civil servant